You can obtain our affiliate vendor on the Marketplace or get it in-world from one of our vendors, under the Gadgets subcategory of Gear. If you need to find a vendor, feel free to visit our store, where the vendor is always available.

Setting up vendor

Vendor setup is a very easy procedure. Simply select desired layout (either the wall or floor version of the vendor), rez the vendor, accept the Debit Permissions (it is required for the commissions to be payed out) and the vendor will maintain itself.


In order to resize the vendor, you can use the following command: /199 vendor-resize which will bring up the resize menu.


The vendor will load new products automatically. In case of vendor software update, you will receive notification and vendor update drone, which, upon rez will update the vendor on its own.


Every product is set to pay out 20% comission to vendor owner. You will be payed the comission directly after the purchase. THE COMISSION IS NOT PAYED OUT WHEN THE PRODUCT IS PURCHASED BY THE SAME PERSON WHO OWNS THE VENDOR.

For any information regarding the vendor updates, future features and others, please visit this forum.