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    Honza Noyes


    • Force SSL for frontend


    • Removed the annoying footer
    • Added “Help” section to the header (where you can also find the current version of the portal and link to this changelog)


    • When you hover over product name in the list of your store’s products, you will get the product’s UUID in the tooltip
    • Updated jQuery to v2.1.1 and Bootstrap to v3.2.0
    • Added proper visual header to all the tables
    • You can now sort vendors by their profile in store admin
    • When you hover over API key or the ANS URL in API section of Store page, it will automatically highlight for easier clipboard copy


    • Added option to export sales (same as group members)


    • Updated Select2 to v3.4.8
    • Little code simplifications made on server side


    • Added ability to export sales (either all or per product). The actual content export is still pending.


    • Added ability to export group members (you can choose the role) into CSV


    • Current product set on vendor now displayed in vendor listing
    • Vendor UUIDs, product, store and other IDs (in tables) hidden into tooltips
    • When status is undelivered and redelivery is performed, the status gets updated now.
    • Moved some more JavaScript into application.js file for loading efficiency
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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